A Minute's Warning

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On the 19th February 1942 the first and most devastating enemy attack to ever happen on Australian soil took place. This was an event that would shape Australian military history and put Darwin as the frontline of air raids over the coming years.

Hundreds were killed in the first air raid, with many more injured, as Darwin was unprepared with only a minute’s warning before imminent attacks.

A Minute’s Warning was the first high end fashion event of it’s kind for the Territory. The collection and theatrical showcase commemorated the 70th Anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin, with each piece respectively interpreting the events that took place on the 19th February 1942. It is a collection that represented the death, destruction and emotions that were a result of the air raids.

This collection received national acclaim, and was a key feature in the Saturday Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, and through fairfax online. 

The collection was comprised of high end wearable art designs, featuring the iconic aluminium dresses Matilda Alegria has been renown for.

View the runway video and still images below.